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Melbourne Bayside’s Luxe Boudoir Studio

We bring the soul-nourishing power of the photo shoot experience
and an empowering photo to ALL women.

Iconic Portraits For Every Woman

Celebrating the modern woman with a first-class photo shoot experience

Our portraits transform and inspire confidence, revealing the shape and light of your feminine power that you may have never witnessed before. Whether you are 24, 42 or 60, you are an absolute masterpiece deserving of everything you want in life – this includes feeling beautiful, worthy and SEEN, most importantly BY YOURSELF.

Be empowered and take home luscious, evocative photographs that make you feel connected to who you are.

Say “YES!!!!” to YOU. You are ready, right now!

The process

With our soul-centered approach
we are always looking for new ways to delight and pamper our guests.
Your private bespoke experience includes the following:


Get in touch

Allow 20 minutes

Our personalised sessions begin with a no-obligation discovery consultation. Either over the phone or in the studio we will discuss your vision, preferred style and answer any questions you may have. Once we have a date in mind, we’ll proceed with booking confirmation payment to secure your spot.


Planning and styling

Allow 1 hour

You will receive an inspiration guide designed to help you prepare for your boudoir session. A few days prior we’ll have a planning & styling consultation online or in the studio to finalise our creative ideas. You will feel confident and prepared for your dream photo session!


The photoshoot

Allow 2-3 hours

The ambience of the studio and our talented team are dedicated to making you feel at ease and look your best. You will be attended by our expert hair and makeup artists and, when you are ready to shine – skillfully guided through egant poses in your natural flow, so your photos are authentic and connected. We guarantee you will leave the studio with your chin a little higher.


Presentation and ordering

Allow 1 hour

Prepare to adore them all! On the same day after lunch, we’ll welcome you to a private screening room where you can relax with a glass of wine and choose your favourite photographs. We will present you with the finest ways to turn your photos into inspiring art. Payment is taken at this appointment and then we begin creating your chosen products.


Enjoy the Artwork


Elevate your favorite portrait by having it mounted on the wall and feel empowered every time you see it! The rest of your photos will be beautifully bound into a bespoke editorial-style album, serving as timeless keepsakes that capture this significant moment in your life.


Here’s What Other Melbourne Women Have To Say

Misty's Story

I had my boudoir shoot as I wanted to give myself a 40th birthday present. I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to before the shoot and I had no idea how much I’d love the photos anyways! I haven’t ever been so excited about images of myself! The session was very down to earth and personalized yet highly professional as well. Highly recommend the whole experience.

women's photographer in melbourne

Celebrating femininity and inspiring confidence


Hello, I am Marina Morgan – a Women’s Photographer in Cheltenham, Victoria. My studio is a safe space where we create confident and inspiring imagery for women like you and me, helping to see the beauty and worth in your authenticity and imperfections. 

Many of my clients never considered a boudoir shoot, but they saw something different here and felt called to have this deeply transformative experience for themselves.

At SEEN, transformation doesn’t require a full makeover or elaborate wardrobe. We, women, were created as divine feminine beings and I want you to have a chance to see yourself as just that. It’s about seeing your depth in a raw and intimate way, embracing all of who you are and becoming your own powerful muse, stepping through life with newfound confidence.

A confident woman makes an unshakable impact and inspires others. A confident woman is impossible to forget. It’s a gift that’s waiting for you to take.

Boudoir studio in Melbourne


Most of our clients step into the studio with their own self-doubts about whether or not they could look as sophisticated as the women they saw in our gallery. Every client leaves the studio feeling splendid, empowered with their photographs and eager to have a boudoir photo session with us again. 

Boudoir Photosession Pricing

We personalise each photoshoot to your individual needs

Start the morning off enjoying a coffee while having your hair and makeup done in the most primier boudoir studio in Melbourne. Enjoy an uplifting and empowering photo shoot experience with time for 3 looks and the excitement of seeing your photos and selecting the products you’d love to take home, right after the shoot! Boudoir sessions start at AU$690 and vary based on your ideas and budget. Contact us for a free discovery consultation and we will provide you with a quote for your boudoir package.

By investing in yourself today you will have a beautiful legacy to look back on tomorrow.

Boudoir Artwork

Keepsakes for an experience that you’ll never forget

Wall art

Archival quality to suit your taste and style of home

There’s nothing quite like seeing yourself in print, and almost every client who experienced a boudoir confidence boost walks away with a piece of wall art for their home. We want that for you, too! Together, we’ll select the style, size, and hanging position for a tasteful art piece that you can beautifully display in your home. Every time you pass by this magnificent portrait, you’ll feel empowered and inspired.

Boudoir Albums

Show the whole story of your photo shoot in a tasteful manner

You’ll find yourself so in love with your photos, eager to flip through your album again and again, each time amazed by their beauty and emotional impact. Our boudoir albums are expertly crafted with unmatched print quality, ensuring a one-of-a-kind product that perfectly reflects your unique character and taste.

Boudoir FAQ

before you book your boudoir photo session

At our core, we’re all about empowering women and girls through the art of portraiture – and that applies to you, no matter your age, size, or level of comfort in front of the camera. We prioritize your needs and wants throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the final photo selection.
Our approach is entirely personalized and luxurious, resulting in a portrait experience unlike any other. Our photoshoots exude the high-end fashion editorial feel, completely distinct from the typical mundane portrait shoot. So get ready to break free from the norm and embrace your unique beauty with us!

At our sessions, we provide professional hair and makeup styling. We believe that you are already beautiful just the way you are, and our goal is not to change that perception. Instead, we want to spoil you with a luxurious experience where you can fully indulge. Sitting in the makeup chair can help you relax and ease any nerves, while the makeup itself helps the camera capture the best possible lighting on your face. Whether you prefer a natural look or full-on glamour with lashes, our skilled makeup artists will listen to your desires and ensure that you’re satisfied with your appearance. We are your ultimate dream team, dedicated to elevating your confidence and making you feel amazing in your own skin!

To maintain our reputation for delivering top-notch results and meet your expectations, we rely on our experienced and trusted team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists. They are well-versed in our distinctive “refined natural” style and possess the expertise needed to create outstanding photos. Nevertheless, we value your comfort, and if you prefer to do your own hair and makeup, we are open to discussing your preferences.

Prior to the photoshoot, we work together with you to design a mood board that reflects your preferred style inspirations.

We believe that sexiness comes from within and we won’t impose any conventional “sexy” standards on you. Instead, we offer suggestions that prioritize your confidence and encourage you to wear anything that makes you feel great.

Some clients bring their entire wardrobe, while others prefer to rent or purchase certain pieces. With the opportunity to switch up your look throughout the shoot, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single outfit.

When you’ve been photographed by us, we want you to see an authentic portrayal of who you are without any alterations to your true self. We believe that the female form is a genuine work of art, in all its diverse shapes, sizes, and skintones. If you have any apprehensions before the shoot, we’ll use poses and lighting techniques to address them. Any other minor adjustments can be handled in post-production.

Our typical photoshoot day starts at 9.30 am with a warm welcome and delicious refreshments. We’ll then discuss your wardrobe and move on to hair and makeup, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best.

This day is all about you, with ample time to experiment with different looks, outfits, and poses while receiving guidance throughout. The atmosphere is set with fresh flowers, scented candles, and your favourite music.

After the photo session, you’ll have time for lunch before joining us in our screening room for a photo presentation and to order your final prints.

Most boudoir photoshoots finish by 2.30 pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your special day with us. Remember, this day is all about treating yourself!

As a photographer, I’m deeply sorry to hear about your previous experience. But we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen us! We have a reliable process that guarantees your satisfaction with your photos. Before the shoot, we hold consultations to align with you on the image style, hair, makeup and wardrobe, ensuring that we capture your vision perfectly. If you’re still unsure, check out our Testimonials page for some positive feedback from our satisfied clients.

This is fantastic, because our approach to boudoir photography is different from the norm. Boudoir is not solely about posing your body; it’s about bringing out your natural flow and highlighting the best sides of you.

You might be surprised to learn that none of the clients you see in our gallery were experienced models or knew how to pose. With our expert guidance, they all managed to achieve outstanding results and you will too!

Our Cheltenham boudoir studio in Melbourne is the perfect space for all boudoir sessions. It’s located just two minutes away from the Westfield Southland shopping centre and a step away from Victoria golf club.

If you are interested in boudoir photography beyond the studio, we offer empowering retreats and outdoor shoots in natural settings. We also extend our services to locations outside Victoria and are always open to exploring new possibilities and creating unique experiences tailored to your preferences.

We recommend leaving ample time between your session date and the day you plan to deliver your photos as a gift to your significant other. For a safe timeline, we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks, but 8 weeks would be ideal.

You will see your photos right after your shoot, isn’t it exciting!

Of course! In our boudoir sessions, you have the freedom to wear whatever makes you feel empowered and confident. Whether it’s a casual outfit, power suit, ball gown or nothing at all, we want to capture the real you. The photoshoot is an opportunity to rediscover and embrace your true self, and your choice of wardrobe is just one aspect of that.

We understand that privacy is paramount, so we offer a range of options for image release. You can choose a full release, a partial/anonymous release, or no release at all. Rest assured that client privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we will never share your images without your explicit permission.

Absolutely not! You are so much more than a number on a scale. A shoot with us will silence that inner voice that makes you doubt yourself and help you learn to love yourself as you are. We’ll highlight your best features and minimize any insecurities you may have.

Let’s empower the next generation to love themselves for who they are, not their size. And with us, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do a boudoir session – it can be part of your self-love journey at any time.

We understand that feeling confident in front of the camera can be tough, but rest assured, you’re not alone. Once you’ve had your hair and makeup done and experienced the fun of the photoshoot, you’ll find confidence you never knew you had. We witness it every time! Being pampered by creative professionals and indulging in the luxury experience can make all the difference.

We provide a digital, social media optimized file of every photograph you purchase. Plus, our artwork service takes the hassle out of finding a good printer and arranging printing. We offer advice on paper stocks, sizing and even create a virtual mockup of your images on a photo of an interior wall in your home. Let us help you showcase your beautiful images in the best way possible!

To ensure privacy and the highest quality prints, we strongly recommend printing your photos through our studio.

Privacy. We work exclusively with a professional photo printing lab, guaranteeing your privacy and preventing your photos from being handled or viewed by unauthorized individuals, which can be a concern at general print shops.

Quality. We stand by our products with a lifetime warranty on all prints. We can’t promise that you’ll be able to achieve the quality that you expect by printing at print shops or chain stores. By printing with us, you’ll receive the beautiful, high-quality artworks that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any questions? - Get more information now!

A gift for a woman

Purchase a gift voucher for a special woman in your life. Gift her a full day experience of feeling like a Queen and seeing herself in a beautiful custom artwork that she can proudly take home.


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