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Here’s My Story: If It Resonates with You, We’re a Perfect Match!

I am Marina Morgan, an Australian photographer based in Melbourne. I encompass my roles as a privately comissioned photographer, stylist, and educator. I favour impactful black and white images that honor the human form through the depth of light. With my heart-entered and customer-focused approach I ensure each client feels exceptionally comfortable and sees the beauty in their authenticity.

My journey has empowered me to guide others beyond surface confidence, recognising that true self-assurance and beauty run deeper than appearance. I approach subjects without the distraction of clothing, aiming not for provocative imagery but to strip away inhibitions and facades and reveal natural beauty. 

My style challenges traditional labels of ‘boudoir’ photography, evolving into a multidimentional celebration of the human form and an aligned, intimate expression of self — embracing movement, grace, power, and emotional depth alongside physical allure.

I am on a mission to help my clients rediscover confidence. You may (and most likely will) discover new depths and superpowers within yourself that you have not seen before. It is my absolute honor to be trusted by you.

Melbourne boudoir photographer

“Oh my goodness is that me? I look amazing!!” – this is a along the lines of what I hear from my clients again and again. The tangible empowerment and your joy and pride in seeing the finished photos is something that will never fail to give me goosebumps.

I absolutely love what I do, and I hope you will too.


The passion to the beauty of being unfinished

I’ve started photographing when I was in grade 5 or 6, playing with my step-father’s film camera and learning to develop photographs in the dark room. And over the years I studied law, had an intence corporate career and never stopped my photography. In 2014 I moved the hemispheres and found myself in Melbourne following my passion and reinventing my artistic calling as a photographer. 

As a child, I loved having sleepovers at my grandma’s. She had a box with old black and white prints. To hold those prints in my little hands, asking my grandma to tell the stories behind them, it was pure MAGIC. By far, my favourite photo in the collection was a shot of my mum on her first school day, she looked exactly like me at that age. Till this day, I still get the same warm feeling and shivers when I see the photograph. It’s incredible.

But aside from that one photo, I rarely get to see another photo of my mother because she didn’t like being photographed – and trust me, I get it. Most people don’t like being photographed because we feel vulnerable in front of the camera. The last and only time we were in a photo together was when I was 7, shot in a boring photography atelier in the 80s. And honestly speaking, I didn’t really have a decent photo of myself with my daughter either, as I would always be the one behind the camera.

A few years ago when I was at a friend’s venue launch event, I randomly took a photo of one of the guests with her daughter. It wasn’t even a real photo session, but I was mesmerised by this mother-daughter bond.

Through my lens, I was looking at their connection, seeing their glow and happy smiles. And at that point I realised that often, I get so carried away with creating beautiful stories for others that I’ve never taken the time to capture one of myself for myself.

The next day after the launch event, I set up my studio gear at mum’s home and took some portraits of my mother, my daughter and I –our generational photos, from my tripod. I printed them large and proudly displayed our fine art portrait in a beautiful Italian frame on the wall – one at mum’s place, one at mine. Since then, I’ve made the deliberate effort to take a photo of us every year on Mother’s Day. It’s our new tradition. It’s an example of celebrating happiness, life, love and connection for my daughter. This EXPERIENCE in itself was life-changing for me.

Through my photography, I am in the business of inspiring confidence and connection amongst women, and I want every woman to truly feel like they exist in my photographs. Not in iPhone selfies, but in real prints. And I want everyone to feel the way I felt that day – unbelievably happy, strong and empowered.

Warmly, Marina




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