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A brainwash for a mum like me


If you are like me, a mum who is always being the one behind the lens, whether it’s your iPhone or maybe you are a professional photographer and your camera is awesome, but you still are behind the lens, this post is for you.

So we mums are photographers. We are taking photos of our kids, dogs, husbands and friends. We feel almost embarrassed when someone suggests to take a photo of us.. we say “No, thanks I’m good..” having in mind: “I need to fix this regrowth first”, or “I need to shred a few kilos, and then!” But months after months, we keep being behind the lens.

I can tell you right now: you are ENOUGH. You are who you are, own it! Not 15 years ago, not 20 kilos later. Your time is now. No more excuses, just get those photos of you done, you are awesome the way you are, they love you because you are what you are, so why are you making excuses?

Look at this photo of my daughter and myself, aren’t they amazing? They 100% are! And honestly speaking, I didn’t really have a decent photo of myself with my daughter till I started taking them a few years ago. Not a photo of my daughter, but a photo of her and I. Frankly, I don’t like my hands on these images, and I don’t like my wrinkles, and my belly that I’m hiding under this loose top.. You might not agree with me and say that I look awesome. And you are right, it all only lives in my mind. I feel the same way with my clients who tell me they don’t like their wrinkles, their nose, their arms, you name it.. The truth is – you are the only one who sees it, everyone else sees you as an awesome human being, a bright personality, an amazing woman. And I see your beauty through my lens.

“Oh my goodness is that me? I look bloody amazing!!” – this what I hear from my clients every single time when they look at their prints. I want you to see what I see through my lens, I have to show this to you. Connect with me on Instagram and let’s talk! ♥

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